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Monogram boasts years of experience and expertise in the art of luxury livingOur philosophy is to provide our clients with high quality vacations that are full of choices, planned to the smallest detail and offer the guaranteed results that are expected, which is a result of our practice over the years, valuable knowledge and accomplished organizational skills.

From luxury villa rentals to high end resorts and hotels, yacht charters, transportation solutions, gastronomic experiences and many more,

Monogram is much more than just an unforgettable honeymoon or a family vacation. It is a dynamic team that constantly searches for new business ventures and ways to expand.

In each one of these ventures we invest all of our enthusiasm, our top service philosophy and our full dedication to quality.

Welcome to a world where everything is possible, the world of Monogram.


Villa Gold


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Villa Olea


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Villa Pearl


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Villa Haven

Athens Riviera

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The Monogram group is dedicated to providing you with a variety of personally selected accommodation possibilities.

If you’re looking to plan your holiday, contact us for accommodation proposals and special rates.



For the explorers, wanderers and travelers who appreciate the beauty of nature, the Monogram group provides a bespoke experience which defines the meaning of luxury vacations.


Monogram Experiences

Private Chef Services

Private Chef Services

For the individuals with refined tastes who value and follow the luxury lifestyle…

Monogram Experiences

Relaxation? Adrenaline?

Or maybe pure Mediterranean flavors that will pamper your palate? Explore our collection of experiences and escape the ordinary!

Wellness Services

Wellness Services

Strengthen, rejuvenate, and relax. Treat yourself to a wellness experience in the comfort of your own space.

Private Jet & Helicopter Services

Private Jet & Helicopter Services

Those who wish to travel in the intimacy of their own private jet or helicopter, with Monogram, you are in for an unforgettable experience.

Transportation & Security Services

Transportation & Security Services

The Monogram group in cooperation with valued partners in the industry can handle all your transportation and security needs during your stay.



Our team, in collaboration with various event planners and organizers, can assist you in making your dream event a reality.

The Art of Luxury Living

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